Doing (good) Business is a podcast for values-driven leaders and professionals who want to bring their whole selves to work and create companies that make a real difference in the world.

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Lara heacock,  leadership coach

Lara heacock, leadership coach

Lara Heacock is a Leadership Coach who brings over 20 years’ experience in Corporate America. She runs popular personal development blog, and works with professionals and companies to help them use kindness to end the epidemic of burnout in America. 

Lara's background includes working in companies ranging from small privately-held firms to multi-national organizations. In over a decade of leadership, she managed geographically dispersed teams, and mentored and coached associates in the US and abroad. Lara has an MBA, is a certified coach, award-winning writer, in-demand speaker, and author of the book Practical Kindness.

Lara is obsessed with how we change the culture of corporate America from one promotes "busy-ness" and burnout as status symbols to one that’s rooted in kindness. Using her KIND method, Lara works with leaders to avoid their own burnout, so that they can create teams (and lives!) that thrive. You can download the KIND methodology at and get daily doses of kindness at

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kelly stewart, founder,  the positive business

kelly stewart, founder, the positive business

Kelly Stewart helps business leaders break through the burden of doing business as usual. Through speaking engagements and on-site workshop, she shows business owners and other company leaders how they can break through the burdens of doing business as usual to find opportunities in challenges and change.

Kelly’s held Marketing, New Business Development, and Client Services roles in B2B firms serving every size and type of organization – from large hospital systems to international educational publishers and non-profit organizations as well as locally-owned businesses and hungry start-ups. In addition to her functional expertise, Kelly’s served in a leadership capacity for most of her career gaining a broad perspective to needs and opportunities throughout the entire business.

Enlightened by hindsight and excited by new possibilities, Kelly is an ambassador for making the world a better place through business. In addition to her work through The Positive Business, she is a frequent co-host on Money Matters TV, and contributor to Management Matters on Medium.

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