Meet Hope Bear of AWeber

Kelly & Lara are thrilled to welcome Hope Bear, the Chief People Officer of AWeber, an email marketing company that exemplifies Doing (good) Business. It’s one thing to talk about how thing should be done in business, and it’s quite another to have a company who really does them. AWeber is that company, and we’re giving you a peek inside at their positive business practices!

AWeber is proud of some pretty cool things:

  • Turnover is 13%

  • Retention is over 3 years - well above the tech industry’s average of 18 months

  • Engagement rate is in the high 70s, and hovers between 70% and 90% - they run internal NPS 3x/yr and apply to best places to work lists regularly

  • Sprint commitments are at 100%! This means that every 2 weeks, the teams are meeting commitments to improve the technology, which means customers’ businesses grow

  • ***Vision for the future – looking at talent at the high school level***

  • ***Engagement went up when they started recruiting for values***

  • ***Pays full insurance for employee and family so that employee can focus on work***

  • ***Most exciting thing right now – the company’s first affinity group called We at AWeber started by 6 women but is not only for women. It’s about coming together to discuss issues that impact each individual and welcome everyone to discuss how issues impact each person differently based on their experience, as well as how issues impact the community***