Meet the Partners of Push10

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Corporate volunteering, summer Fridays, and values based hiring are just a few of the ways Push10 is Doing (good) Business. Kelly & Lara welcome Sabrina Pfautz & Greg Henry, partners at Push10, a mid-sized design agency focused on mission-driven businesses, located in Philadelphia, PA and Austin, TX.

Some of the ways they do good business include:

  • Values based hiring - check out their values below!

  • Mission based organizations chosen as niche using combo of revenue and fulfillment analysis

  • The Power of Data Driven Design

  • Staff is empowered to share their ideas and leadership often gives them a try

  • Summer Fridays, corporate volunteer initiatives (MANNA), personal development funds for staff

Push10’s Values:

Working With Each Other

Strong Opinions, Loosely Held
We accept feedback with an open mind, and give feedback freely. We keep judgement in check and always remain open to new ways of thinking.
Minimize Hierarchy
We have few job titles, few departments, and few hierarchies for a reason. Everyone’s voice is valuable. Great things happen when we collaborate.
Take Ownership
We take responsibility for personal successes and we're accountable for personal mistakes. Both are important for growth.
Laughter is the Best Medicine
We don’t take things too seriously. We’re not brain surgeons. Don’t forget to laugh!

Working With Clients

Surprise & Delight
Quality is key. We never accept average. Creation is a huge responsibility, and we only put our best work into the word.
Question Assumptions
We dig deeper and challenge presumptions. We push & drive real change for our clients.
Be Resourceful
We're scrappy. We make it work and figure it out - even when we think we don’t know how.
Straight Talk
We’d rather be too honest than too polite.

Working On Ourselves

Never Stop Learning
We are cross disciplinary and constantly experimenting. We seek continuous personal growth.
We're Push'ers
Our entire team benefits from shared discoveries. We strive to continually challenge each other.

Learn more about Greg and Sabrina:

Greg Henry
President & Founding Partner
A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Greg has spent over 20 years working in advertising, marketing and web design. Prior to founding Push10, Greg worked as an Art Director at various creative agencies and still maintains a passion for all things design. In his current role of Agency Principal, Greg leads a team of talented and driven professionals, propelling Push10 to new heights as one of Philadelphia's premier branding agencies, specializing in strategic solutions for leading companies in the Philadelphia region and beyond.

Sabrina Pfautz
Partner & Creative Director
Sabrina leads the execution of branding & digital projects for clients of all shapes and sizes. A multi-disciplinary leader with a strong foundation in business and communication strategy, Sabrina is a passionate advocate for design as a driving force in business and culture. By applying the principles of design thinking to a broad array of organizational challenges, Sabrina consistently creates surprising & courageous brands for local startups and global companies alike – including notable mission-driven work for Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Philabundance, Innovations for Poverty Action, Girls First Fund, and John Templeton Foundation.