Meet Jamila Medley, ED at the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance


When you think of a co-op, you might think of your neighborhood food co-op. Turns out there are a whole lot more out there, and our guest today is a co-op expert! Join us as we talk with Jamila Medley, the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA). We dig into the concept of a co-op, the practice of democratic leadership, how Jamila implements that with her team, similarities between democratic leadership & coaching, and so much more. Follow PACA: @phillycoops on Facebookand Twitter

Noteworthy topics:

Democratic leadership

Two founding principles of a co-op: the coming together of a group of people because they have a common need AND creating an enterprise around it.

Tips for leaders: tap into curiosity and let go of control, be a good facilitator, have an agreed upon process, share your role & responsibilities, and LISTEN!