Meet Shelly O'Donovan of Authentic Influence Group

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Shelly O’Donovan of Authentic Influence Group, has the Jedi mind tricks (and the science to back them up!) to help people use influence to do good business by understanding how body language affects a person’s ability to make a positive impact. Hear Shelly’s #1 body language tip to make a positive impact, her scientifically backed tricks to increase energy, and how to spot an authentic leader!

Influence Fun: Without training, people have a 51% accuracy rate in determining whether or not someone is lying; with training that increases to 93%.

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Shelly teaches Persuasive Speaking at the Wharton School, of the University of Pennsylvania. She has led vaccine advocacy for GSK, worked as a healthcare lobbyist, and served as a staffer in state government. She has been focused on cultivating authentic influence her entire career, and decoding what makes people tick. Shelly has an MPA from the University of Pennsylvania, a Marketing certification from Wharton School (of UPENN), a BA in political science. She has a certification in body language training and the big 5 personality from a behavioral research lab.