Meet Mel Carson & La'Kita Williams

Mel Carson & La'Kita Williams_Final.png

Doing good business times 2! Our guests today are La’Kita Williams of CoCreate Work & Mel Carson of Delightful Communications. La’Kita & Mel have been partners in business, as well as coach & client, and they have always aligned in their good business thinking.

When a high profile job and a personal tragedy collided, La’Kita looked at her own purpose in her work. She shares her thoughts on:
How organizational design can support purpose
People over profits
Operationalizing values
Purpose driven people are more resilient and more committed to the mission

La’Kita recommends The Good Jobs Strategy and knows that we can all create purpose driven work, one step at a time. You can follow her at CoCreate Work on Instagram!

From actor who lost a role in Rent, to marketing with Microsoft, to entrepreneur, Mel Carson shares why he created Delightful Communications, his commitment to over-promise and over-deliver, and how Delightful Communications folks embody all of their principles in everything they do - from stand-up meetings approved by a physical therapist to having gratitude meetings 3 times per week!  

You can follow Mel and Delightful on Twitter and get to know Delightful’s Principles below:


We truly believe people are our best asset as well as our clients’. While we celebrate technology and data, people should be placed at the heart of everything we do. We always seek the human, emotional connection, both in our work and as we grow as a team.


We are curious about the world and our industry and are always eager to learn and improve our skills by constantly working to understand the future and ensure we meet it. We are data-driven torchbearers, highlighting new ideas and opportunities for ourselves and our clients.


We create an energizing place to work and aspire to work with remarkable people. We deliver exceptional results and always go the extra mile for ourselves and our clients. We hold each other accountable to high standards and drive each other to constantly progress with our productivity, performance, insight, and character. We promote positive energy and have/are fun.


We create worldwide connections for ourselves and our clients that fosters the growth of a global community. We prioritize wellness, flexibility, and togetherness. We embrace direct and productive feedback, holding each other accountable to ensure we grow together.


We are willing to take risks and dive into new projects and challenges. We are not afraid to solve problems and suggest improvements inside and out. We believe in straightforward talk that’s candid and open, but sincere and well-meaning.


We hold ourselves accountable for diversity AND inclusion.  We encourage diversity of thought, experience, race, color, creed, and style. We recognize and appreciate each other and value our individuality and that of our clients’.


We uphold the same values in both our professional and personal lives to promote fairness, honesty, and respect for all people. We promote and relish feedback, transparency, and authenticity, and we speak up, even when it is uncomfortable.


We live through a “learn by doing” approach because we know that Experience + Feedback makes the best teacher. We take ownership of our development and ask for what we need to increase our abilities. We stay curious and are always on the lookout for new ways of doing things and constantly develop new skills.