Adopting Open Hiring Practices with Dr. Kristen Donnelly

Kristen Nielsen Donnelly, PhD.png

Dr. Kristen Donnelly is is the EVP of Abbey Research and the COO of Abbey Color, and you wouldn’t be wrong if you said she wears a lot of hats!  D(g)B is excited to discuss open hiring with Dr. Donnelly. Her family’s company Abbey Color, has been an intentional second chance employer for longer than it’s been a trendy word in talent acquisition spaces - nearly 30 years!

Listen to find out what they do require from their folks, how they are working to end generational poverty, and why you should (and shouldn’t!) consider open hiring policies.

Find her at or as Abbey Research on Twitter Instagram Facebook

Things we loved & referenced about how they’re doing good business:

“You can’t build relationships with anyone who is hungry”

“I have no desire to do business any other way”

“Every act every day either strips or builds dignity... and my job is to enhance dignity”

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