How to Create an Authentic Employer Brand with Mark Puncher

Kelly & Lara are thrilled to welcome Mark Puncher, Chief Energy Officer of Employer Branding Australia, to Doing (good) Business. Mark is a fantastic Aussie who makes it his business to help companies define their employer brand - authentically. What’s an employer brand? You didn’t know employer branding was a thing? Well, have we got the podcast for you! Learn what employer branding is, how to do it honestly and with authenticity, and how differentiate your company. Mark shares his top tips for you (including why you shouldn’t have a ton of expensive videos!).

Check out:

Employer Branding Australia’s Purpose (scroll down)

What does Olivia Bland’s whistle-blowing mean for employers?

Employer brand is a deeper version of the corporate brand

Get more in depth info on these tips in the episode and find Employer Branding Australia on Facebook & Mark on LinkedIn.

Note - the video Mark mentions hasn't made it into the world yet, so keep your eye on his social media to see it soon!

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