Casa Real Estate, Your Home Builds Another

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Would you like a realtor who genuinely wants what’s best for the client AND who donates a home for every home bought or sold? We sure would, which is why we were so excited to discover Casa Real Estate in Southern CA. Their slogan? Your home builds another.  Yup - you read that right! They took the buy one give one model and applied it to homes! We knew we had to talk to them. 

In fact, Casa is approaching 100 homes built (all 100 have been donated, and are built or waiting to be built) in only 2.5 YEARS! 

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Key takeaways:

  • Long term vision is key for this model

  • Hiring people who want to grow themselves and become better in different areas

  • One of the owner’s daily affirmations includes “I operate my life with integrity in and out of business”

  • Start Something that Matters book

  • Clients have the opportunity to join them in trips to Guatemala to build the homes their profits donated

  • Chad & Nick’s advice for businesses who want to incorporate this kind of model in their business